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TE-Code .NET Edition

This page contains information specific to the .NET edition of the TE-Code libraries. Currently, the .NET edition requires the following software to run:

  • A .NET runtime and compiler
  • NAnt, version 0.85.1786 (from 2004-11-21) or later

I have tested the .NET edition with earlier versions of both Mono and NAnt, but I am currently using the above versions for all testing and development work. I have not yet tried any of the other .NET runtimes, but if you do and it works, please let me know (atownley - at users sourceforge net).

At the moment, there are not any articles available which are specific to the .NET edition, however, between the examples, the Java edition articles and the API documentation, I think you should be able to get started using it. At some point in the very near future, I hope to have some new articles available which are independent of the Java edition.