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06-Feb-2005  Upload of 3.0.0-pre3 to SourceForge

The 3.0.0-pre3 release of the Java edition is now available on SourceForge for download. Also included is the first source release of the libro demonstration project.

The main changes for this release are a fix for a bug reported by Bill Nugent with the RepeatableCommandOption class and a refactoring of the way the Version class is generated and therefore included into other projects. A number of minor internal refactorings were done to support the usage of the library in the libro demo.

WARNING: any code using the Version.VersionMismatchException will need to be changed due to changes in the Version class which are not backward compatible.

What is TE-Code?

TE-Code is a collection of Open Source Software available under the revised BSD License. The collection is divided up into categories which address some recurring problems I have seen in delivering software over the past 10 years.

The library contains the following packages which are available independently for various technologies.

Package Description Java .NET Python
Command Command line argument parsing  
Config Configuration settings management  
Filter General-purpose filtering and sorting    
IO Utilities for processing text files  
Persistence Classes to make processing database queries simpler    
Swing Generic About box, Status bar and UI builders    
Tool Miscellaneous tools and utilities    
Trace Run-time code tracing at a finer level of control than that provided by Log4j.